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                                 What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of permanent make-up for the eyebrows. With Microblading, we can create completely naturally looking eyebrows, since every hair is drawn manually with a special very thin blade, taking into consideration the contours of the face, the hair growth and the  clients needs. 

                       WHY MICROBLADING?

Reasons why - 

• Because every hair on the missing part of your eyebrow is drawn individually, which makes the eyebrows look as natural as possible
• Because you are fed up with filling up your eyebrows with a pencil every day 
• Because you want to look natural and put together even when you wake up, relax on holidays or exercise
• Because the final look is adapted to your hair colour, skin tone and the direction of your eyebrow hair growth
• Because your face will look more youthful and brighter while you will be more confident

                                                     DURABILITY OF MICROBLADING 

• The durability of the pigment depends mostly on the skin type and life style (exposure to sun, cosmetic procedures, etc.) 
• the results can last from 1 to 3 years. 
• about a month after the procedure, the client comes in for a check-up and a touch-up.
• a touch-up once a year is recommended to retain the saturation of pigment.
                                                           THE PROCEDURE 

•First, we consult with the client about their wishes and evaluate the condition of eyebrows.
• then some initial drawings are made and corrected until the client is fully satisfied with the results 
• we take photographs and digitally check their symmetry 
• we match the colour of the pigment with your hair colour and skin tone 
• we draw in the eyebrows until we get the perfect look  
• the procedure is almost painless and the redness disappears in a day
• the procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours

                                                              THE SAFETY 
• For the procedure, we use ac pigments (non toxic and hypoallergenic mineral pigments)
• for each client, a new, single use blade is used 
• we meet strict hygiene standards in compliance

PRICE FROM £250 - £300 

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